Tracer study

Graduates fill out an online questionnaire. The data is analysed by Tracer Study Team for the UPBE and reported to the Head of the Study Programme and Deputy Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs. Based on the tracer study report, the Head of the Study Programme compiles a plan for improvement, both related to curriculum and follow-up actions that need to be submitted to the department and faculty level, for example related to facilities and infrastructure. 

Most of the graduates of UPBE can get a job in the first 6 months after graduating, even 34.21% of graduates get their first job right after finishing their studies (Figure 6.1).

Figure 6.1. Distribution of graduates based on their first job waiting period

Based on the evaluation results it is also known that 56% of the UPBE graduates work as Biology Educators; 19% of the UPBE graduates work as bio-entrepreneurs, who develop local biological-based (Figure 6.2)

Figure 6.2. Distribution of the first job of UPBE graduates

Based on the responses of graduates user, the competence of graduates of the UPBE have integrity (ethics and morals), expertise based on the field of science (professionalism), the ability to speak English and the use of information technology are in the good and very good categories (Figure 6.3)

Figure 6.3. Graduates’ competencies and soft skills based on graduate user responses (in percentage)