UPB sets the program learning outcomes (PLOs) for the graduates as presented in the table below. These PLOs consist of 4 aspects, namely aspects of knowledge, aspects of skills, aspects of competence, and aspects of attitude. These four aspects are aspects that are in accordance with the demands of the KKNI  which are used as a basis for curriculum development in the biology study program and refer to KOBI as an association of biology study programs in Indonesia.

Table: PLO of  The Undergraduate Program of Biology

Demonstrate basic knowledge of biology relevant to science and mathematics to understand current scientific phenomena and issues and apply them in problem solving.KN-1
Demonstrate basic knowledge of cell and molecular biology, organismal biology, ecology and evolution to analyze current biological issues.KN-2
Apply biological knowledge and technology for solving natural resource and environmental problems both in the laboratory and in real practice that supports the profession and or entrepreneurship.KN-3
Demonstrate the basic principles of software applications and instruments, standard analytical methods, and synthesis in biologyKN-4
Work independently in laboratory to develop relevant skills by applying bioethics and occupational safetySC-1
Design and conduct experiments in the field of biology, manage, analyze, interpret, document and store data research, to manage living natural resourcesSC-2
Apply transferable skills in biology to develop ecopreneurship (eco-innovation, eco-opportunity, eco-commitment).SC-3
Communicate scientific ideas, both orally and in writing using appropriate communication media as targeted, as a provision for lifelong learning for academic self-development.GC-1
Apply logical, critical, systematic, and innovative thinking in the context of developing or implementing science and / or technology in accordance with their field of expertiseGC-2
Work independently both as individuals and in groups, and responsibly in completing tasks in classes, laboratories, and in the field.ATS-1
Able to demonstrate the religious and cultural values of the nation, as well as academic ethics in carrying out their professional dutiesATS-2
*) KN : Knowledge, SC : Specific competences, GC: General competences, AT : Attitude and Social competence