The PEO in the UPB includes the academic component of accomplishment, which is the ability to lifelong learning and the ability to communicate in professional activities. In the PEO Biology study program also includes components of social accomplishment, namely social skills and leadership.

The PEO of  The Undergraduate Programe of Biology is the following:

  1. Mastery of basic concepts of biology, natural resources, and environment and ability to apply them to solve various biological issues in professional work;
  2. Ability to manage natural resources and environment, and develop biological products according to to strengthen  bioecopreneurship;
  3. Mastery over scientific method to analyze biological issues and its application, work systematically and methodically;
  4. Have ethics, responsibility, leadership, and environmental insight;
  5. Ability to develop self in biological intelligence and skills both formally and informally, and communicate in professional activity.

These objectives strongly support the national competences framework for undergraduate education and  are consistent with the mission of FMNS and Unesa. Such a consistency is realized by producing graduates with a strong ability to comprehend and to master biology knowledge and their application in real-life problem. Formulated PEOs are also in sync with 6th level National Qualification Framework (KKNI), which is the framework for general bachelor level in Indonesia, as indicated in table 1.