Visi dan Misi

Vision of Universitas Negeri Surabaya (UNESA) is as follows

Excellent in Education, Strong in Science

Missions of Universitas Negeri Surabaya are as described in the following.

  • To organize education and learning centered on students by using effective learning approaches and technology
  • To conduct research in education, natural sciences, social and cultural sciences, arts, and/or sports, and technological development whose findings are beneficial for the development of science and public welfare
  • To disseminate science, technology, arts, culture and sports, and research results through community service oriented towards empowering and accustoming society
  • To embody Universitas Negeri Surabaya as a center of education not only for primary and secondary education but also for scientific centers based on the noble values ​​of national culture
  • To organize autonomous, accountable, and transparent governance for quality assurance and quality improvement.

Vision and Missions of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FNMS) are derived from university vision and missions.

Vision of FMNS is as follows.

Excellent in Educational Mathematics and Natural Science, Strong in Mathematics and Natural Science Studies

Extended Visions of FMNS are as follows:

  • Excellence in mathematics and natural science education innovation.
  • Strength not only in mathematics and natural sciences studies and its application but also be able to reinforce mathematics and natural science education (wider mandate).
  • Excellence in global competition.
  • Excellence graduates who are environmentally minded and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

The term “excellent” referred to the FMNS Vision means to be innovative, competitive, and always trying to improve quality. The term “strong” means to work systematically, methodically, and objectively, in order to support the excellence of the studies in mathematics and natural sciences.

Missions of FMNS are as following.

  • To organize innovative and research-based mathematics and natural sciences education in order to produce graduates who have environmental insight, an entrepreneurial spirit and global competitiveness.
  • To conduct mathematics and natural sciences research in strengthening science that is recognized nationally and internationally as well as strengthening mathematics and natural science education.
  • To organize research-based community service for supporting the community welfare.
  • To build a strong network with stakeholders for improving the quality and image of FMNS.
  • To organize autonomous, credible, fair, accountable, and transparent governance for quality assurance and quality improvement in FMNS.

Based on vision and mission, objectives of FMNS UNESA are:

  1. To produce graduates of MNS and MNS education who have environmental insight, entrepreneurial spirit, and global competitiveness.
  2. To produce MNS research and MNS education products to strengthen MNS and MNS education.
  3. To implement research-based community service program to support community welfare.
  4. To build a strong collaboration with stakeholders for improving the quality and image of FMNS.
  5. To build a system in FMNS that is autonomous, credible, fair, accountable, and transparent for quality assurance and quality improvement.