Instrument Assessment

The learning assessment is carried out in the middle of the semester and at the end of the semester. Making assessment instruments starts with developing an assessment outline by the lesson plans that have been prepared. example of assessment outline and exams can be seen below.

  1. Assessment Outline of Genetics Course
  2. Assessment Outline of Plant Physiology Course

Based on the assessment outline, a mid-term exam and a final exam to assess knowledge domain are made. Some examples of the exam are as follows

  1. Mid-Term Exam of Plant Physiology Course
  2. Mid-Term Exam of Learning Innovation I Course
  3. Final Exam of of Genetics Course
  4. Final Exam of Plant Physiology Course
  5. Final Exam of Learning Innovation I Course

In addition to assessments for the knowledge aspect, there are instruments to assess student skills. an example is as follows

  1. Project Assessment of Plant Physiology Course.
  2. Instrument asessment of Peer-Teaching and Microteaching Course. All of the instrument, can be seen below:

All exams before being tested on students are validated by another lecturer to obtain a valid assessment instrument. Example of validation form is as follows

  1. Validation of Mid-Term Plant Physiology exam
  2. Validation of Final Plant Physiology exam