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The profiles of lecturers in the Biology Department are permanent lecturers with a total of 34 people consisting of lecturers in the UPBE (18 people) and lecturers in the UPB (16 people).

All lecturers in the Biology Department are responsible for carrying out learning in the two study Programmes according to the qualifications and competencies possessed by the lecturer as a form of resource sharing by adopting the concept of efficiency.

Based on the level of position, lecturers in the Biology Department are in dominance as associate professors (47%), followed by senior lectures and junior lectures rank respectively in 20% and 18%. Meanwhile, the percentage who are in professor positions are very few (Figure 2)

Figure 2. Academic staff distribution based on rank

The average workload of lecturers in tridharma (education, research, community service) is 12.63 credits (Figure 3). It shows the ideal performance load because it is still within normal limits according to UU No.20 /2003 (the Teacher and Lecturer Law No. 20 of 2003), which costs between 12-16 credits.

Figure 3. Average workload of Biology Department lecturers in tridharma

All lecturers of the Biology Department are involved in research work because each research project should have two or three members of researchers. The research outputs include the publication of scientific articles in various local journals, national journals, as well as in international journals (Figure 4), and proceedings both in national and international (Figure 5).

Figure 4. Publication of scientific articles in various journals
Figure 5. Publication of scientific articles in various proceedings

The lecturers in the Biology Department are permanent lecturers with a total of 34 people, shows below.

Figure 1. Lecturers in the Biology Department. Row I (form left to the right): Dr. Tarzan Purnomo, M.Si., Dra. Nur Kuswanti, M.Sc.St., Dra. Winarsih, M.Kes., Prof. Dr. Fida Rachmadiarti, M.Kes., Prof. Dr. Endang Susantini, M.Pd., Dr. Nur Ducha, M.Si., Dr. Rinie Puspitawati, M.Si., Dr. Sunu Kuntjoro, M.Si., Prof. Dr. Muslimin Ibrahim, M.Pd., Dr. Dyah Hariani, M.Si., Dra. Wisanti, M.S., Dr. Isnawati, M.Si., Dr. Raharjo, M.Si. Row II (form left to the right): Erlix R. Purnama, S.Si., M.Si., Dr. Sifak Indana, M.Pd., Dr. Yuni Sri Rahayu, M.Si., Dra. Herlina Fitrihidajati, M.Si., Dr. Widowati Budijastuti, M.Si., Dr. Yuliani, M.Si., Dr. Mahanani Tri Asri, M.Si., Dra. Evie Ratnasari, M.Si., Novita Kartika Indah, S.Pd., M.Si., Reny AMbarwati, S.Si., M.Sc., Ahmad Bashri, S.Pd., M.Si. Row III (form left to the right): Dr. Pramita Yakub, M.Pd., Nur Qomariyah, S.Pd., M.Sc., Dwi Anggorowati, S.Si., M.Si., Muji Sri Prastiwi, S.Pd., M.Pd., Guntur Trimulyono, S.Si., M.Sc., Ulfi Faizah, S.Pd., M.Si., Sari Kusuma Dewi, S.Si., M.Si., Lisa Lisdiana, Ph.D., Eva Kristinawati Putri, S.Pd., M.Si., Firas Khaylila, S.Si., M.Si.

Description Staff handbook of Lecturers who have been teaching in Undergraduate Program of Biology Education (UPBE) can be seen link this button