Kerja Sama

Some forms of collaborative activities carried out by the Department of Biology include:

Domestic Collaboration

(1) Provision of human resources in various activities to strengthen the quality of learning and education assessment at the junior high school level with the Directorate of Junior High Schools of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Jakarta, the Education Assessment Centre of the Ministry of Education and Culture-Jakarta, various Education Offices in cities or districts in Indonesia, and various educational agencies in several regions in Indonesia;

(2) Provision of resource persons in various OSN mentoring activities at the District/City/Provincial level with primary and secondary schools in Indonesia;

(3) Providing personnel as consultants as well as resource persons in the planning activities of the Surabaya City Smart City;

(4) Provision of consultants and resource persons in regional planning activities on the east coast of Surabaya with the Food and Agriculture Service of Surabaya City;

(5) Providing lecturers in strengthening courses as well as providing laboratories with several universities such as STIKES and Open Universities;

(6) Student exchanges with the PERMATA SAKTI Programme with various state universities in Indonesia;

(7) Provision of resource persons as keynote speakers and academic committee staff at various national seminars and international seminars;

(8) Transfer of technology to strengthen courses with agencies such as the Malang Sweetener and Fiber Crops Research Institute (BALITTAS) Malang, Sidoarjo Environmental Service, Clinical Pathology Laboratory, Dr. Soetomo, Surabaya, Center for Seedlings & Plantation Plant Protection (BBP2TP), Mojoagung, Jombang, Fish Quarantine Center and Fishery Product Quality Control, Sidoarjo,

International Collaboration

(1) Exchange of students with universities in ASEAN with the SEA-TEACHER PROJECT SEAMEO Programme to support the International Credit Transfer Programme;

(2) sending students carrying out the field of schooling or teaching Programme (PLP) in international schools in Indonesia and in Singapore and Malaysia;

(3) Placement of students to implement the field of schooling or teaching Programme in various schools at the public and private secondary (SMP/MTs and SMA/SMK/MA) levels in Indonesia;

(4) Placement of students to implement the field of schooling or teaching Programme in various international schools in Indonesia (Singapore International School in Semarang, Jakarta and Medan, several international schools in Surabaya, etc.) as well as in ASEAN (Singapore and Malaysia);

(5) Human resource development in the Biology Department through the implementation of guest lectures with foreign lecturers (National University of Singapore, The Islamic University of Gaza (Palestine), etc.);


MoU documents can be downloaded here