Academic Module

Academic modules in Undergraduate Biology Education Program FMNS Unesa consist of compulsory and elective course modules. Further information on academic modules for Biology Education Program can be accessed in Appendix 5.1 All modules are described in Academic Manual of degree program (Appendix 5.2). Academic manual is also given to students during her registration. Students can access module which describes:

  1. Module name and identification code
  2. Module level
  3. Semester/year level
  4. Coordinator and supporting lecturers
  5. Classification in curriculum
  6. Learning model/number of classes per week
  7. Credit unit
  8. Prerequisite
  9. Course learning outcomes (knowledge and skills)
  10. Course content
  11. Attributed soft skills
  12. Learning evaluation/exam
  13. Learning medium
  14. Recommended literature