Relevance between PLO and Standard ASIIN

The determined PLO also correlates with International standards (ASIIN Standards), or more precisely to the ASIIN Specific Subject, which consists of ASIIN Specialist Competencies and ASIIN Social Competence (Table 3).

Table 3 Relevance between PLO and Subject Specific ASIIN

Subjeck Spesifik ASIINPLO 1 (KN 1)PLO 2 (KN 2)PLO 3 (KN 3)PLO 4 (KN 4)PLO 5 (SC 1)PLO 6 (SC 2)PLO 7 (SC 3)PLO 8 (GC 1)PLO 9 (GC 2)PLO 10 (GC 3)PLO 11(AT 1)PLO 12 (AT 2)
Have acquired sound fundamental biology relevant knowledge of mathematics and the natural sciences,Relevant           
Have sound knowledge of the fundamentals of molecular, cell and organismic biologyRelevant           
Have gained methodological competence in bio sciences and are also able to apply this in other contexts RelevantRelevantRelevant Relevant      
Are able to carry out practical work in labs and outdoors independently as well as handle organisms    RelevantRelevantRelevant     
Have relevant knowledge of safety and environmental issues as well as the associated legal fundamentals Relevant          
Have gained sound knowledge in at least one special life science area of the degree programme    RelevantRelevant      
Are able to recognise and solve subject relevant problems,     RelevantRelevant     
Aare able to solve life science problems and present the results      RelevantRelevant    
Have trained conceptual, analytical and logical thinking          Relevant 
Have an awareness of possible social, ethical and environment-related effects of their actions,        Relevant  Relevant
Have acquired communication skills, also in a foreign language and can communicate scientific information to experts and laypersons in a suitable manner,       Relevant    
Have a capacity for teamwork, also on an intercultural basis           Relevant
Have acquired life long learning strategies.        RelevantRelevant 
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