Program Learning Outcome (PLOs)

Based on PEOs, Program Learning Outcome (PLOs) of Biology Teacher study program are described as follows.

No PLOPLOCompetence
PLO-1Able to demonstrate biological knowledge in molecular, cell, and organism level and interaction with their environment. Knowledge 1 (KN 1)
PLO-2Able to demonstrate application skills of biological concept and environmental issues with relevant technologies in the management of natural resources and environment. Knowledge 2 (KN 2)
PLO-3Able to demonstrate pedagogic knowledge on designing, conducting, and evaluating biology learning.Knowledge 3 (KN 3)
PLO-4Able to demonstrate knowledge related to research of biology education.Knowledge 4 (KN 4)
PLO-5Able to design, conduct, and evaluate biology learning by using information and communication technology (ICT).Special competences 1 (SC 1)
PLO-6Able to design and perform experiments in biology learning to collect, analyze, and interpret data to solve various issues.Special competences 2 (SC 2)
PLO-7Able to design problem-solving methods by implementing transferable skills in biology to develop ecopreneurship (eco-innovation, eco-opportunity, eco-commitment).Special competences 3 (SC 3)
PLO-8Able to communicate ideas, opinions, and results of study effectively, both orally and in writing.General Competences 1 (GC1)
PLO-9Able to make decisions based on data/information to finish tasks as part of their responsibility in works performed.General Competences 2 (GC2)
PLO-10Able to conduct long-life learning and working effectively, both individually and as a team, have passion for entrepreneurship and environmental care.General Competences 3 (GC3)
PLO-11Able to demonstrate scientific, critical, and innovative attitude in biology learnings, laboratory works, and their professional tasks.Attitude 1 (AT 1)
PLO-12Able to demonstrate religious and national cultural values and academic ethics in performing professional tasks. Attitude 2 (AT 2)

Program Learning Outcome (PLOs) of Biology Teacher study program developed includes knowledge competencies, general competencies, special competencies, and attitudes. The scope of competences includes holistic competencies as regulated in the SNPT Dikti. The identification of PLO into knowledge competencies, general competencies, specific competencies, and attitudes is presented in Table 1.

Correlation of PEOs and PLOs of Biology Teacher study program is presented in Table 2.

Table 2. Correlation of PEOs and PLOs of Biology Teacher study program

PLOs No.PEOs Number*

        *) V = correlated, X = not correlate

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