1. Able to demonstrate fundamentals of biological science relevant to basic mathematics and other sciences, natural resources and its interaction with environment, and the development of biological science  
  2. Able to demonstrate ability in applying biological concepts and technologies relevant to tropical natural resources and environment, as well as handling environmental problems and issues
  3. Able to demonstrate the knowledge of biology for the latest Biology that supports as a young researcher, research development / quality control, and entrepreneurs in the field of biology
  4. Able to demonstrate the basic principles of software applications, basic instruments, standard methods for analysis and synthesis in the field of biology


  1. Able to maintain, improve, check product results, develop biological product results with regard to Work Safety and Security
  2. Able to design and conduct experiments in biology, manage, analyze, interpret, document, and save research data obtained for consideration of authentication, originality, and reproducibility in monodiciplinary
  3. Able to apply transferable skill in biology to develop ecopreneurship (eco-innovation, eco-oppurtunity, eco-commitment)


  1. Being able to communicate ideas scientifically, both orally and in writing in the field of biology at the national or international level
  2. Demonstrate leadership in making the right decisions based on analysis and evaluation of the work for which it is responsible
  3. Having the ability to lifelong learning embodied in the ability to increase knowledge and be able to continue their studies to a higher level


  1. Able to work effectively, responsibly, both as individuals and in groups
  2. Being able to demonstrate the religious and cultural values ​​of the nation, as well as academic ethics in carrying out their professional duties
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